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Business Intelligence

We’ve received a lot of interest in the idea of creating a BI network to collaborate on tourism information gathering and sharing here in Mozambique.

This information or Business Intelligence (B.I.), is what we all need so we can make good strategic business decisions – setting goals, pricing, positioning, when to invest, when to sit tight.

Good BI will give Mozambican tourism businesses a competitive advantage over other destinations. By contrast, blundering along without good B.I. means we are playing a guessing game and this will always leave us vulnerable to change

The initial invitation to collaborate was met with enthusiasm from a range of operators who are willing to work together for the purpose of gathering and sharing tourism information. Its not a particularly long list but its enough to get started.

  1. Pete & Gail from Ilha Blue

  2. Pilale University Lurio

  3. Trienke Nuarro

  4. Bruno Jardim dos Aloes

  5. Michael John Slater Mozguide

  6. Licinia Maria Lopez Ferreira

  7. Clarissa Mulders Quatro Ventos

  8. Blake Gray Connection

  9. Lucie Arm Boabibo

Information gathered could include: reports, news articles, press releases, links to funding opportunities and quality opinion pieces. Whats important is that information comes from reliable ‘professional’ sources.

Storing and sharing can be done using existing online platforms carefully adapted to our needs; making information easy to upload, easy to access and easy to share. This will require the services or a suitably qualified individual to design and develop the platform.

The exact details can be worked out as we go, but its worth suggesting a few basic principles to guide the BI network project.

  1. that nobody owns the information, it is free to share to anyone

  2. a professional approach is taken at all times

  3. there is an understanding that more professionalism in Mozambique tourism will benefit everyone

  4. efforts are made to grow the network – its not BI for a small cliche but BI for every interested tourism operator in Mozambique

  5. To encourage inclusivity BI should be available in both English and Portuguese

  6. that those individuals and businesses that participate at the outset should enjoy some extra benefits in recognition of their founding efforts

In July Blue Zissou are contracting the services of 2 Masters graduates who specialise in online communication. If there is sufficient interest from Mozambican tourism professionals we can ask them to dedicate time to advising us on this BI networking project and get their help designing and implementing the necessary online structure.

This is the time to contribute your energy and enthusiasm to this practical project. Only by participating in some way now can we make the creation of this resource a reality.


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