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1. Ilha de Mozambique

'Ilha' is where we live. A World Heritage City on a tiny coral island. People are friendly and the lifestyle unbelievably relaxed. It floats in the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. A little known archipelago with an exotic mix of Swahili, Arab, Indian, Persian and Portuguese influences..


For 1000 years Ilha has been a hub on the East Africa-Arabia/India trade route. The wealth of gold, silver, ivory and other precious goods that has set sail from its shores is eye watering. It was also. a centre for slavery., a dark history that continued late into the 19th Century. 


There are 2 parts: Stone Town with its maze of narrow lanes and crumbling grandeur, and bustling Makuti Town. Visitors enjoy exploring both and we can arrange local guides to take guests deep into the bairros for home visits, or high onto the Fortaleza ramparts for privileged after hours access.. Alternatively, what about a sail on a traditional dhow to explore the nearby islands

Paradise Island old hotel_edited.png
2. Bazaruto Archipelago
National Park

Stunningly beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago has five islands, two of which are uninhabited. It boasts iconic megafauna: whales, sharks, sailfish, manta rays, dolphins, marlin and nesting marine turtles, plus the region’s last viable population of dugongs.

The sheer beauty of this seascape, along with the diversity of wildlife, has made Bazaruto a globally sought-after adventure travel destination. Blue Zissou is currently working with National Park to create specialist offerings for expedition ships and small groups.

3. Maputo - the nation's Capital city

Maputo is one of Africa's most vibrant cities. Famous for its wide tree-lined avenues and distinct, eclectic architecture. Styles include Portuguese Colonial, Neoclassical and Manueline alongside Art Deco, Bauhaus, Tropical Modernism and Brutalist buildings.


But its behind the impressive facades that the true story of this revolutionary city can be found. Expressed through energetic music and dance performance and embedded in the vibrant visual arts.


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