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Webinar, the next best thing to a trade show

Destination Ilha de Mozambique showcased on the #MOZAMBIQUEINMYBLOOD Webinar 18 June 2020

Blue Zissou was proud to be one of the eight operators to take part in the 4th webinar graciously hosted by Nikki Wiedmann from A Fine Connection. It’s the next best thing to attending a trade show and a hell of a lot cheaper. A big thanks to Greg Smith of 360-online marketing for his patience and much needed technical support.

In the time of Corona this webinar is the best way to showcase your tourism business to a large audience of agents and industry representatives, particularly if you want to reach out across the Southern African region.

Approximate audience breakdown was 64% South African, 16% Mozambican, 8% Tanzanian, 4% Russia 4% UK and 2% Portugal and 2% USA.

I highly recommend participating in one of these webinars if you are given the chance.

8 Presenters in order of appearance

Carla from Unique Destinations representing Coral Lodge: Info on getting to Ilha de Mozambique and lodge overview:

Gail owner of Ilha blue: description of tours, social enterprise, training and volunteer program.

Pete Allsop Blue Zissou: Company description, support for social enterprise, market focus, range of activities including team building and MICE, future opportunities:

Gisela & Marcus Antman. Owner/manager Villa Sands: Lodge overview, renovation, hotel services. Introduction to Dockside Apartments, Cape Cab and Villa Sands Gallery:

Nicola Nabacino owner Cabaceira Village: Overview with satellite images and inspirational commentary. Low carbon accommodation with community focus:

Bruno Musti Jardim Does Aloés: Historical perspective on Ilha, description of guest house:

Anna Feitoria: Boutique hotel overview, restaurant, conference facilities and activities:

Marlene Café Central Pousada: Café Central, development from a ruin, facilities today and vision for future:

Listen to the recording of the webinar here


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