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Travellers set to enjoy bush and island safaris on one trip

The journeys of travellers in Mozambique keen to enjoy both bush and island safaris are set to be made easier under a new initiative by leading responsible tour operators.

Gorongosa National Park, like Ilha Blue, focuses on tourism for nature-lovers that benefits local communities and their environment

Blue Zissou’s sister company Ilha Blue and Gorongosa National Park have agreed to work together to meet the aspirations of intrepid travellers who want to combine traditional and ocean safaris.

The champions of two of Mozambique’s biggest destinations for travellers will explore how charter flights, and later scheduled flights, could replace long road trips between Ilha and Gorongosa. This would save time and money, while keeping travellers’ focus on experiencing nature.

The partners are both leading efforts to conserve and renew nature’s wonders through tourism. The plans could make it easier to see Gorongosa’s awe-inspiring wild dogs, lions and elephants on the same trip to see the majestic ‘big one,’ the humpback whales making their annual migration from Antarctica to give birth in the warmer waters off Ilha.

Pete Allsop met with Gorongosa’s Vasco Galante and Johann Lombard to discuss this and other potential collaborations earlier this month. The national park is one of the world’s leading proponents of the belief that nature-based tourism can and should be for the benefit of local communities and ecosystems, not work against them. It works alongside local people to find alternative livelihoods that protect and restore ecosystems. And this is exactly what Ilha Blue is doing on Ilha; using tourism to develop alternative livelihoods for fishermen and others who depend on the sea.

Pete commented: “It’s exciting to put into action our shared vision of vibrant, connected destinations that have people right at their heart. This connecting flight will be a game changer, its a route to an even better visitor experience, one that allow Mozambique to flourish as a globally competitive destination for nature-lovers..”

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The ‘Big One,’ the Humpback Whale, is set to be a celebrated sight for those enjoying the flora and fauna inland



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