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The first expedition ship in 2 years.

Exciting news! Blue Zissou have been told to prepare for an expedition cruise ship in April 2022.

The imminent return of expedition cruise ships to Mozambique is a sign that tourism is bouncing back. Silversea’s Silver Explorer is scheduled to call to Ilha De Mozambique in April as part of a Cape Town to Zanzibar itinerary. The Silver Explorer will be the first ship to visit these shores since Blue Zissou managed the Seabourn Sojourn’s call back in February 2020.

Many travel experts are predicting that expedition cruises will be the first to bounce back after the pandemic. This is because of the unique features of expedition ships such as smaller passenger numbers, spacious living areas and 24hr access to onboard medical professionals. Along with the ability to maintain a safe environment by following strict vaccine protocols with regular testing and deep cleansing regimes.

Silversea Silver Explorer

Good for passengers, great for Ilha!

According to Blue Zissou’s marketing manager Gail Woods, “expedition ships are great for Mozambique and particularly good for Ilha. Expedition passengers are different, they are looking for new experiences and are fascinated by local history and culture making Ilha one of their favorite destinations“.

In addition to exploring the Fortaleza and Museum, the ship’s passengers will visit local homes, experience dance performance, boat building, sail on a traditional dhow and even spend time at a social enterprise – all of which is important because it ensures the economic benefits are spread throughout the whole community.

Silversea are one of the world’s most luxurious expedition ship companies, so being included in their itinerary brings other benefits too. It situates Ilha de Mozambique alongside other, more famous Indian Ocean destinations such as the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives and of course Zanzibar and this brings Ilha the kind of ‘high-end’ publicity it could never buy.

But will the ship actually come this time? According to Blue Zissou’s operations manager Pete Allsop “that’s the million-dollar question. Nobody can be sure of anything with Covid, it all comes down to consumer confidence and as we know that’s very hard to measure. I’m guessing better than 50/50 chance, but we will be 100% ready anyway. And if the ship doesn’t call here in April, we will get ourselves ready again for when it does.”

For expedition ship bookings go direct to Silversea

For more information regarding the destination and shore handling email


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