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Expedition cruising now has access to more of Mozambique's wonders than ever before

Eneida and Pete exploring as guests of the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Park

Blue Zissou have been busy researching an exciting program of shore excursions just for expedition ships. Now we've got the entire dazzling Mozambican coastline covered. From Maputo in the south all the way to UNESCO World Hertiage Ilha de Mozambique in the north.

We know what expedition planners need. Where necessary we've added customisable itineraries to manage variable tide and weather conditions. And we understand what your clients value: each new excursion has been carefully crafted to give your passengers privileged access into the heart and soul of the destination.

Passengers look in on Marrabenta rehearsals

In Maputo we work with the city's best known tour operator, guaranteeing comfort and reliability, and to each activity we add our own special twist.

For example: a night on the town with dancers and musicians using two of the most famous venues for a night of sensuous Marrabenta performance. Exclusive venue access and private transport between the ship and venues combine with star performers to give passengers a night to remember. The freedom of the city, with choice, flexibility and total safety.

Abandoned hotel on Paradise Island

Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Park is a jewel that sparkles bright, but getting the most from this sensational natural and cultural destination takes local knowledge, and that's what we have.

Blue Zissou is currently working with the Marine Park Authorities to develop itineraries to suit all tide and weather conditions for ships making a full or half day call. Snorkelling, scuba diving, nature walking, lodge visit, community immersion; we can bring it together in a way that works best for expedition planners.

Tufo dancers and hand-carved Goan pulpit

UNESCO World Heritage Ilha de Mozambique is the country's number one attraction and nobody knows its people, historic buildings and fascinating stories like Blue Zissou and our partner Ilha Blue do.

Start a visit with a dhow flotilla from ship to shore, followed by a small group exploration of the bairros hosted by local residents. Visit silver smiths, boat builders, community projects and hear personal memories that merge and mingle into a moving, journey through time.


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