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Developing new business in Australia

Transition and change – Blue Zissou supporting social enterprise in Mozambique and developing new business ideas in Australia.

Doing field work in Australia’s Red Centre.


Blue Zissou was founded in 2016, it evolved out of Ilha Blue a social enterprise based in Mozambique.

To the founders it was a logical progression. Ilha Blue was very successful but like all social enterprises it needed help to stand on its own feet. So Blue Zissou (BZ) was formed to support it through its next phase of development; also to upgrade professionalism and at the same time free up Pete and Gail to explore new business ideas in Australia.

The strategy worked: Ilha Blue staff rose to the challenge of running the business with the support that BZ provided. The extra level of professionalism brought in new, high yield customers (including expedition cruise ships), and the plan for Pete and Gail to spend more time in Australia was on track until Covid came along.

Blue Zissou has expertise in product design, capacity building, marketing and administration so it can continue to facilitate expedition ships and specialist groups to Ilha, provide support to Ilha Blue and other Mozambican tourism initiatives while devoting time to developing new business projects in Australia.  

Travel restrictions have increased demand for new walking trails in Australia’s Red Centre

The return to Australia was delayed until September 2021, but once there Blue Zissou Australia was established.

Blue Zissou Australia is now beginning to make its mark in Australia’s magnificent Red Centre region. The business has already completed contracts to support Indigenous land owners developing enterprise initiatives around their walking trail close to Alice Springs, and at Watarrka (Kings Canyon) supporting another Indigenous group to select a business partner for a new multi-day walking trail. These are exciting developments in changing times.

Facilitating a Planning Group meeting in Alice Springs

Pete and Gail are preparing to return to Mozambique in March. If Covid conditions allow they will once again move backwards and forwards between Australia and Africa in the same way that they did before the pandemic.


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