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We are sending you this special newsletter as a follow-up to the recent #mozambiqueinmyblood webinar on Ilha de Mozambique in which Blue Zissou presented. You will be amazed at the connections that already exist between ‘Ilha’ (pronounced ‘Ilya’) and South Africa, and we’re confident that providing you with more info about the destination, and about us, will help to further strengthen this bond.

As you would remember from the webinar, Ilha de Mozambique is an island like no other. The former capital of Portuguese East Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a bustling, colourful, safe and outrageously photogenic, friendly paradise surrounded by islands and beaches to die for. It’s inexpensive and surprisingly easy to get to from South Africa. It surely will soon become the smart traveller’s choice for short tropical escapes, honeymoons, annual family holidays and “bucket list” activities like dhow sailing, whale watching, wilderness island camping and more.

Blue Zissou would like to partner with you to present these wonders to your clients. We are in the unique position to be able to offer customized versions of Ilha Blue Island Safaris’ award winning tours. No other company can offer this – that’s because Blue Zissou and Ilha Blue are partner organisations.

Just to clarify the relationship, as my partner Gail mentioned in her presentation, Ilha Blue Island Safaris is a high quality social enterprise. It has it’s own website and tours can be booked online, by individuals. In which case you join a scheduled tour with other clients as well.

Blue Zissou on the other hand works entirely with agents and inbound operators to craft tours and activities with a higher level of customer service and individual attention to the clients’ needs. All tours are private unless otherwise stated and there’s the option of a ‘Tour Coordinator’ who can offer personalised attention to the guests; things like meet & greet at the airport, help with check-in, booking restaurants and other requests, along with casual tips and planning advice throughout their stay.

I could go on but I think that’s probably enough sales talk for now. When you get chance please explore our website, email me with any questions you may have and again, please, lean on Gail or me when you get your first enquiries and need specific information about Ilha.

We are here for you and very much looking forward to doing business together.

Kind regards Pete


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