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Attracting High-Values travellers

I particularly enjoyed this clever article written by JoAnna Haugen in ROOTED

JoAnna observed that the chance addition of an "s" changed High-Value, a transactional term, to High-Values which speaks more to respect, behaviour and subjective worth.

For me this led to a clearer distinction between the two:

  • High-Value travellers, the ones destinations are increasingly targeting post Covid because of their potential to spend more, and

  • High-Values Travellers who presumably also have the potential to spend big, but are accompanied by a deep sense of curiosity, interest and respect for both people and place

Reading JoAnna's article it became increasingly clear to me that it is the High-Values travellers that business like our need to focus on. Follow the link for tips on how to change your thinking to better attract these travellers.

ROOTED is "a solutions platform at the intersection of sustainable tourism, storytelling, and social impact".


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