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A conservation first : Tourism operators join forces to protect our Humpback Whales

A breakthrough in whale conservation. This year 5 of Ilha’s accommodation providers are partnering with Ilha Blue to promote responsible whale watching. And Blue Zissou is proud to be playing an important part in pulling this all together

In the last 5 years the importance of Ilha de Mozambique as a humpback whale birthing site has gained international recognition.

How did this happen?

In 2016 Ilha Blue attended a conference organized by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) in Durban. It was there that conservationists, scientists and whale watch operators learned of this discovery, and where Ilha Blue learned just how significant it was to have a whale birthing site on Ilha’s doorstep. In 2019 Ilha had its first whale festival and now in 2020 a shared whale watching promotion with a focus on conservation.

Its impossible to overstate just how important this collaboration is; for the whales that need protection from over zealous tourism operators who might invade their space at this critical birthing time, and for the tourism economy that will benefit from broadening its offering especially as we head into more competitive post pandemic times.

The accommodation partners have agreed to encourage their guests to go whale watching only with Ilha Blue, Northern Mozambique’s only accredited whale watch operator.

In return Ilha Blue will direct their clients towards the 5 accommodations, emphasizing their commitment to responsible tourism, a business practice that is becoming more important every year.

So who are “the Responsible 5”?

  1. Jardim dos Aloés, Ilha’s most distinguished boutique guesthouse

  2. Café Central, the liveliest place with the best selection of rooms

  3. Rickshaws Pousada, particularly good for families and groups

  4. Villa Sands, the island’s most chic hotel

  5. Cabaceira Village, a budget beach escape, just across the bay

Contact participating accommodations here


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