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12 new women guides. Regenerative travel in action

Blue Zissou will work with local partner Ilha Blue to create an immersive program for Coral Expeditions when the elegant Coral Geographer calls to Ilha de Mozambique in March 2023 and again in subsequent years. Together we've committed to employing 12 local women to work as guides alongside other staff.

This is a great opportunity for the island to share so much fascinating history, culture and all the natural wonders of the surrounding archipelago. We estimate that Ilha Blue will employ around 75 local people on the day: around 30 dhow marinheiros (sailors), 20 dancers, lots of cooks, facilitators, assistants and now 12 extra female guides. This is on top of the workers from the port authority, museum, police, souvenir vendors etc, etc, etc. It is big economic boost that generates lots of excitement and community pride.

Traditionally guides are male but it doesn't need to stay that way, there's no cultural or other reason why women can't guide visitors around the island. We've already recruited 7 new female guides and training is underway. This is a very positive move that has generated a lot of excitement.

One of the first skills was learning to ride a bike, something very few women have had the opportunity to do. Bikes are important, they provides better mobility and has the added advantage of making the women more visible as they power along through the narrow streets of Makuti and Stone towns.

This is a good example of Regenerative travel and we are very grateful to Coral Expeditions for making this possible. We hope that other small expedition ships will follow their lead.


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