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“unimpressive” really?

17th Century Alfandagas customs buildings

Last week we contacted a cruise ship company (won’t say which one) about their awful description of Ilha de Mozambique. In their online description of Ilha they said “… as you approach from the sea the island is unimpressive”.

Really? “Unimpressive” are they joking?

So, not impressed by the 1870’s Goa lighthouse perched on the most picture perfect desert island you’ve ever seen and marking the entrance to the bay. Not impressed by Ilha’s white sandy beaches visible from afar, the tiny chapel of Nossa de Senhora de Baluarte – the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere, or the Forteleza of Sáo Sebastiao – the largest intact fortress in subsaharan Africa. None of this does it for them? What about the newly restored 17th century customs buildings, nothing? Governors Palace – nope, how about all the dhows coming and going like a scene from a Sinbad the sailor movie, still unimpressed?

If this doesn’t impress them nothing ever will! Seriously, after Sydney Harbour and Rio de Janeiro Ilha de Mozambique has got to be next in line for wow factor. All of these world heritage features are right there as you approach and in fact what better way to see them then looking down from the deck of an expedition cruise ship.

We now understand that the reason they were “unimpressed” is because nobody from the company has ever been to Ilha, they simply didn’t know how spectacular it is. And sadly, Mozambique lacks a sophisticated marketing body to engage with cruise ship companies and other key markets to spread the word on just how good it is.

I’m pleased to say that the company have agreed to change their description and include the photo we provided. Its up to all of us, individual businesses and industry networks to introduce the world to Mozambique – one of Africa’s best kept secrets


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