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Strategies for managing tourism growth

Mention that you run a tourism business and it wont be long before the term ‘over tourism’ pops up. This is not a bad thing, we certainly need to confront the issue that everyone’s talking about.

Here are 3 articles that challenge the way we look at the negative impacts of tourism and offer more positive scenarios and even possible solutions.

The first is from Business Mole and talks about the “Attenborough Effect”. It seems the veteran presenter has tweeked a few consciouses causing 7 million Brits to take a serious look at how often they fly and to make a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by flying less. Holidays closer to home? An end of the long haul destination? Of course “Seriously thinking about” is not the same as doing, but it could be the start of a trend that would have real implications for Mozambique tourism if it ever caught on. Read more

The second from The Guardian reports on a parliamentary inquiry into the environmental cost of tourism and transport and considers whether governments should play a greater role in offsetting the waste and damage caused by millions of their citizens who take holiday abroad each year. Its an interesting angle, paying for environmental damage caused by your citizens in an overseas country. Read more

The 3rd is a report from a city taking action. New Orleans residents feel under siege from mass tourism. Cruise ships, tourists attracted by the 24hr party image fuelling heavy drinking and violence, increased crime and rental costs that have climbed beyond the reach of every day residents. In response the community has put together a Sustainable tourism task force to look into the issues and suggest solutions that balance the needs of community with tourism and economic goals. Its a detailed report that outlines a process that could easily be duplicated in any urban area confronted by over tourism; the issues and possible solutions.Read more

I cant find the link for the full New Orleans report but if you email me I’ll send you a copy –


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